FP Selection

F.P. Selection has been established in 2019, with the idea to cut out all the passages in the fish delivering chain, essentially avoiding to store them in warehouses.
An only travel which brings up the best products from Spain, France, Ireland and others between the best sea markets of Europe, especially Italy, straight to the consumer’s tables.
The immediate positive consumer’s reaction pushed the company to continue following this line and trying to improve this way with just one keyword: Quality.

fp selection fish

Seafood products from the best European markets to your kitchen

Particular attention is paid to the origin of our products, the result of sustainable fishing with the utmost respect for our seas and non-intensive farming carried out in the open sea and with innovative development and feeding techniques that aim at a high quality level of the final product.

The range of products available is very wide: from fresh to frozen up to processed products of all kinds and niches. Frozen products are also an important part of the job, taking care to treat the best frozen products on board to preserve intact the taste and freshness as freshly caught.